Forthcoming Publications And Work In Progress
Warriors and Vigilantes as Police Officers: Evidence from a field experiment with body-cameras in Rio de Janeiro (with Vanessa Melo and Gustavo Robles)
"State-evading solutions to violence: Organized Crime and Governance in Indigenous Mexico" (with Kristof Gosztonyi and Sarah Thompsom) .
"Strengthening Life Skills for Youth in Places of Violence: Agencia de Redes para la Juventude in Rio’s favelas" (with Veriene Melo).
Police Violence, Organizational Networks and the Killer State in Rio de Janeiro (with Vanessa Melo)
Can Non-Immigrant Guest Worker Programs Help Escape Violence and Poverty Traps? A Multiyear Project using a Randomized Control Trial Evaluation in the U.S. and Mexico (with Alice Wang)
“State-criminal alliances and community predation: Evidence from Rio de Janeiro militias” (with Edgar Franco-Viv and Stephanie Gimenez)