Forthcoming Publications And Work In Progress
Changing social norms justifying violence against women: evidence from a field experiment in Mexico (with Madison Dalton, Kim Juárez, and Sarah Thomson)
"Femicides, Domestic Violence and Cartel Turf Wars in Mexico" (with Madison Dalton and Kim Juárez)
Paying not no kill: how monetary incentives shape police violence in Rio de Janeiro (with Emily Russell and Carlos Schmitt)
"Stationary Bandits and Predatory Criminal Regimes: evidence from Rio de Janeiro's Militias" (with Edgar Franco and Stephanie Giménez)
State-evading solutions to violence: Organized Crime and Governance in Indigenous Mexico" (with Kristof Gosztonyi and Sarah Thompsom) .
Warriors and Vigilantes as Police Officers: A field experiment with body-cameras in Rio de Janeiro (with Vanessa Melo and Gustavo Robles)
Empowering Youth in Places of Violence: The Methodology of Agencia in Rio de Janeiro (with Veriene Melo)
U.S. Immigration Policy as Development Strategy? An RCT of H-2A farm guestworker programs to relief poverty and violence in Mexico (with Melanie Morten and Alice Wang)